Monday, July 20, 2009


The Dillos in Austin will go extinct. I think I rode a Dillo one time when I lived in Austin. They were too infrequent and the interiors were uncomfortable. When discussing streetcars, people often say the Dillos don't work so the streetcars won't either. But here is a case where the routes changed and then the whole service will be cut. The permanence argument for the streetcar gets stronger in this respect.

It's good though in one sense, no one can call them trolleys anymore.

Flickr photo by Cackhanded


Justin said...

I used the NFTA Niagara Falls "Trolley" Service a couple of weeks ago. The ride was horrible, and the it was hourly service. I am amazed those faux-trolleys even still sell. I was lucky to catch a regular transit bus that was working the "trolley" route on the way back. Much better ride.

arcady said...

Having lived in Providence, I also agree that the ride sucks on those faux-trolleys. Wooden seats just don't make sense on a bus. On a train with relatively smooth track and smooth acceleration and braking, maybe, although padding would still help. On a bus? Definitely not a good idea.

Anonymous said...

These things are jokes on tires.

Anonymous said...

These things are terrible, and utterly counter productive for transit. They reinforce the message that transit isn't real transportation, but only appropriate for some sort of theme-park-wannabe "ride".

No city that uses these can be taken seriously.