Monday, August 31, 2009

On the Subway?

The Bush administration was notorious for hating transit. They hated it so much that at one point they wanted to use new starts money to build HOT lanes on freeways. So funny what happens now:
Southern Methodist University's proximity to DART's rail and bus lines was a key selling point in picking Dallas as home for the library, said Laura Bush, an SMU graduate. She told a Waco TV station in January that the Bush complex would be the only presidential library on a subway stop.
I didn't know being on a subway stop was so important to the Bushes. It's not really a subway stop anyway but light rail in a trench. Apparently the library really won't be on the stop, but instead across a major freeway from Mockingbird Station. They thought about building a bridge but decided against it.

It's a half mile walk from the station using the existing road bridge. If they installed the ped bridge, it would take off .3 miles but would be more exposed to the elements and car traffic on the expressway below. Ultimately it's pretty close to the light rail stop, but why transit matters to a legacy that was down on transit to begin with is beyond me.


Alon Levy said...

why transit matters to a legacy that was down on transit to begin with is beyond me.

For the same reasons that Manhattan developers who build gated communities in the suburbs take the subway to work.

kenf said...

Why would the average transit user even be interested in going to the Bush library?

Yonah Freemark said...

It should be pointed out that if Austin gets its way, there will be a light rail line that goes right by the Johnson Library at UT. Also, the Kennedy Library in Boston is about a mile from a T stop.

Matt Fisher said...

Why would the average transit user even be interested in going to the Bush Presidential Library indeed?

So? Dallas has a light rail station in a subway (Cityplace), but it's south of Mockingbird. That must have been a confusion.

I thought that the Laura Bush in this is the former First Lady. As much as I'm a graduate of the Library & Information Technician program in Algonquin College, I knew she was a librarian. :)

Oh, and the DART Green Line opens this month on Sept. 14th. It was gonna open later on the 18th, but DART was lucky enough to move its opening of the first segment up four days. :)

J Niles said...

Bush Administration provided $1.3 billion for Seattle light rail.

Darrell Clarke said...

The Little Rock streetcar was extended to the Clinton Library.

Unknown said...

Then there is the JFK stop on the red line in Boston.

Matt Fisher said...

By the way, I'd be surprised to see John Niles come in and comment. He's long been opposed to the Link light rail project. (No offence, John. And my spelling of "offence" is the Canadian spelling, like they use in England in this case.)

Didn't Bob Barr rename the station National Airport on the Washington Metro to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, after they renamed this? He threatened to cut off Metro funding if WMATA didn't comply, from what I've heard. That was when Barr was still a Republican congressman from Georgia, before he became last year's Libertarian nominee. And his libertarian thoughts seem to be like those of Ron Paul. :)

Matt Fisher said...

Okay, the last comment really didn't have anything much to do with presidential libraries, but I put it in anyway. The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library is in Atlanta, but MARTA Rail doesn't serve it currently. It is, however, near the route of the proposed Beltline LRT line, and I hope there will be access there soon when they get it.