Monday, September 14, 2009

Depending on Obama's FTA

A lot of people are depending on Obama's FTA to change the rules to let them build streetcars and other projects. I'm hoping that he doesn't let them down by continuing to delay the transportation bill. In Charlotte, the city council overrode a veto by Mayor McCrory to spend money on a streetcar study hoping that the FTA would change cost effectiveness rules aimed at speed instead of placemaking and short extended walking connections.
But the council's Democratic majority said it was important to get the project started. They hope the federal government will change its rules to pay for streetcar construction, and they argued by spending the money now the city would be first in line.

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ChiefJoJo said...

It's not just about changing the rules. It's about Congress appropriating more money so that FTA can have some flexibility to begin to consider some of the land use benefits we talk about. My fear is that if health care goes badly, climate and a transportation bill of the T4A flavor (which we badly need) will have no chance.