Sunday, October 18, 2009

And I'm Back in the Game! Italy Blogging

Hope you all had a good two weeks. My two weeks were awesome. I think everyone should take a break once in a while. It will do wonders for your mind.

I don't have as many transit pictures from this trip as I wasn't in cities as much. I did visit Milan and Turin and got a couple of streetcar, bus, and train shots but i'll share those later. I also took a lot of different modes of transportation, basically everything except a bike which i've already gotten crap for on facebook :) The final tab is such: Car, tram, train, subway, bus, cog railway, arial ropeway (tram), boat, plane, taxi, foot. Lots of foot. I did see a lot of bike sharing in small towns which was surprising and I really enjoyed my boat rides, which I don't do much here. In any event, here are some of my favorite places from the trip. I'll get back to regular blogging tomorrow.

The beaches were mostly stones


This is Zoagli (Zwal-e) The towns on the coast hug the hills


In Zoagli we got to see how silk and velvet fabric was made

We drove through the Alps on Mountain Roads

Piedmont Day 1 Saluzzo, Alps

Piedmont Day 1 Saluzzo, Alps

See the three portals for the road?

Piedmont Day 1 Saluzzo, Alps

Drove through the upper lakes, prettiest bus stop ever?

Italian Lakes, Como, Maggiore

Italian Lakes, Como, Maggiore

Scene from the top of the aerial ropeway

Piedmont Towns Day 2

Portofino was nice


My Great Grandparents likely graced these spots in the hills above Chiavari in a small commune called Ne. It was really great to see where at least part of my past came from. The terraced hills are everywhere, these are for olive trees.

Ne Italy

Ne Italy

The Cinque Terre was amazing

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

and the water was blue, but a color I had never seen.

Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Cinque Terre

It was a great way to take a break. I highly recommend going to Italy, especially the Piedmont south of Turin.


Randy Simes said...

Reminds me so much of my recent trip to Greece. The water is simply spectacular, and the landscapes are stunning. Thanks for sharing these and taking me back. I'll have to get around to posting my Greece photos soon.

W. K. Lis said...

Great wallpaper photos.

Windy Cox and Randy Toole said...

But you drove everywhere, transit isn't competitive with cars, even in Europe.

Unknown said...

He didn't drive every where, the man isn't anti-auto, he's anti-only auto!

Bob Davis said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos! I especially liked the cat underneath the basket of wine bottles. That looked like a very well fed kitty. When I'm out railfanning, I try to make friends with cats I encounter. I remember a friendly orange cat that appeared to be the "stationmaster" of a Network Southeast station in Sydenham, England, and an assortment of kitties at the Fort Smith Trolley Museum.