Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Night Notes

Have you ever had a picnic on the grass on a major bridge?
Officials in India are calling for high rises. I'm surprised they didn't go up before.
Businesses in the UK are starting to use carshare companies instead of keeping their own fleets.
Integrating BRT with a Metro should be a no brainer.
I can see why folks in East LA wanted a subway. Its a dense area and it would have been nice. But whining about it and getting upset right before it opens seems a bit lame to me.
Lots of regulation of safety on commuter rail are causing a strain.


Matthew said...

Love how on the Gold Line extension, there's all those alarmist complaints of "omg! omg! It's not underground, therefore it's superdangerous!!!" seems quite ridiculous.

What is so wrong with the LRT they're getting? It looks pretty good; it's actually physically separated from the road and such.

Justin said...

Matthew: In Toronto, we have the same problem. We have a number of residents who are so upset that they are getting LRT, instead of a subway, that they are actually campaigning to have the LRT CANCELLED, saying it's waste of funds, and we should spend money on a subway. Such childish behaviour, especially since the long term demand projections for the corridor state a subway is not needed.

J.D. Hammond said...

Matthew, why is it alarmist to prefer grade-separated transit?

Louise Chan said...

Positive train control is actually a good idea--especially if it were coupled with a reduction in crashworthiness standards that make many passenger operations on mixed-traffic lines impractical.