Thursday, October 8, 2009

Replay: 10/25/08 Urban Bumper Sticker

Considering a lot of people around here don't have cars and take transit, the bumper sticker is not an available option of displaying your politics or causes. However, I've noticed even before the presidential election that messenger bags can have the same affect. After the election started though, they have increased exponentially around here. Mostly Obama and No on Prop 8. I've noticed people on the train checking out my bag as well, which has my own "urban bumper stickers"

I've got the longhorn patch which has brought me closer to fellow Texans randomly on BART and the Hey Mercedes buttons of my favorite band that have gotten comments from some rock kids. Though no one has said much about the SF Municipal Railway or the Market Street Railway pins, it might be because we're usually smooshed together on the J Church.

The thing though is that unlike bumper stickers, you have to be in close quarters to see what the pins and buttons say, which makes people a bit more cordial than if they were in the space of their own car. No honking on transit.


Carfree Chicago said...

Funny, I've always thought the same thing about buttons and bumper stickers:

I had a number of people ask me where I got a bicycle pin I had (it was from the Active Transportation Alliance). Maybe the art of buttons is less about words and more about catching attention. That button unfortunately fell off my bag somewhere.

Jon said...

I saw this as a sticker on a bike rack in Portland, I thought it was great...
"Live Free or Drive"

A plastic green bicycle pin is a big one in Portland, Earl Blumenauer with one Carfree, is this the pin you talk of?

High Speed Rail: Yes We Can

Natalie said...

yeah . . mostly it really helps to increase the exposure return back by putting some ads on stickers or posters; Recycling Stickers