Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Do Not Count Here

A lot of what I do at work depends on the census. I need data to make accurate maps and analyze trends in TOD and employment and other things. My current favorite dataset is the LEHD. Apparently though the folks at the census know that its hard to count. I don't doubt that it is. But I really wish that Michelle Bachman's district would have a big green dot on it. Perhaps one that says don't count at all. That way we would get rid of her and her census idiocy all together. I also hope the rolling averages work out from the ACS. It would be really annoying if they skip the long form in 2010 and then we were stuck with lackluster data until 2020. We already have to suffer 10 year old data. Think about where you were and what you were doing in 2000. Things changed a bit since then?


kenf said...

Maybe if Michelle Bachman gets her way and the people in her district refuse to be counted the reduction in population will result in Minn. loosing a Congressional seat, hopefully hers.

Hey, this could be a good thing.

Faith said...

Michelle's district is the most likely one to be eliminated if MN loses a seat. If people in her district follow her advice and hide from the census, she may put herself out of a job.