Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stories Like This

When I see headlines like this, It makes me a bit upset.

"Woman Raped Along Uptown Light Rail Line"

Not just because someone was violated against their will, but also because the insertion of along Uptown Light Rail Line vilifies the line itself for something it really had nothing to do with. If you read closer into the story, the woman was not riding the light rail line and was assaulted downtown walking on a sidewalk. Could have been any sidewalk and she could have been leaving any bar. But the headline screams "transit is dangerous". These kind of associations happen all the time and will continue to happen. I just wish they didn't.


Anonymous said...

Sloppy journalism.

Anonymous said...

Rape occurred on the planet Earth. Avoid the planet at all costs.

Justin said...

I`ll bet that piece was written in India. No joke. This is what happens when you have corporations owning media.

Matt Fisher said...

Sounds pathetic about rape. The headline also implies that light rail only goes "uptown". (Fun fact: Charlotte isn't the only city with a downtown that is called "uptown". The same applies in Saint John, New Brunswick.) If anything, I'll bet maybe it sounds like something Rupert Murdoch would do.