Monday, December 28, 2009

Around the World: Argentina & Hong Kong

Fearless Overhead Wire correspondent and world traveler @nspicer just got back from his honeymoon in Argentina with @autgoff and took a few transit shots because he knows that I'm a nerd and I appreciate these things. He's also recently been to Hong Kong and rode the Star Ferry. Here are a few shots from his travels. Thanks Spicer and Anna!


rajan r said...

I think you mistook Kuala Lumpur for Hong Kong, which is a first. While both have a large Cantonese-speaking population, located inland with only a bunch of shallow rivers and a couple of lakes, Kuala Lumpur hardly has a ferry service (or needs one). Which is too bad: the world needs to know how to fuck up a ferry service.

P.S. I'm a KL native :-P Our crappy train and bus services is the source of much of my existential angst.

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Oops. Thanks for the catch Rajan.

BruceMcF said...

But rajan r, what about the monorail? Though it did not run from where I was staying to where I was teaching when I was in KL, so I took the Star LRT (Indeed, it could be the HK Star Ferry and KL Star LRT that generated the original confusion).

Jet said...

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Bob Davis said...

My first look at the Kuala Lumpur Metro was in the movie "Entrapment". An electric railway and Catherine Zeta-Jones! What a combination--my favorite form of transport and my favorite movie actress.
Regarding Buenos Aires: When Southern California juicefans think of that city, they remember it as the destination of three groups of Pacific Electric cars in the 1950's. The 1100's, "Hollywood" cars 732 through 759 and the double-end PCC cars. They were used on the F.C. General Urquiza, where they were fitted with third-rail shoes and wheel-type trolley poles. The only intact survivor is ex-PE 758, which became a works car. Recent photos show a few 1100-class bodies are rusting away somewhere in a wooded area; not sure if they're in Argentina or Paraguay.