Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday Night Notes

Is a new business model emerging for merchants and park n ride lots?
A drive thru in Portland apologizes after an employee refuses service to a cyclist, discusses possible cycle through lanes.
GE is going to get some business in Africa for its locomotives
GHG emissions in China are a quarter of the US emissions per capita.
It's kind of annoying when cities that weren't paying into the regional transit agency want in when there is commuter rail. Cities in Texas seem to like to do this.
But most Denton County cities, including Lake Dallas, rejected membership and the sales tax requirement. When DCTA offered those cities a second chance at membership in 2006, only Shady Shores and Corinth talked seriously about buying in.
Does the Northeast Corridor need an EIS to get ARRA funds?


Kevin Buchanan said...

Cities in this area not joining up with any transit agency then complaining about not having rail service is a huge problem. Here in Fort Worth, almost no other city besides Fort Worth itself is a member of The T, which means there's little money available for much beyond maintaining their sub-par bus service. Even Arlington won't join, let along Southlake, etc. Virtually every Fort Worth suburb, almost without exception, is of the "transit just means more poor people and minorities and that's awful" mindset, yet several wouldn't mind a free lunch when it comes to getting a rail station in their town.

EngineerScotty said...

Of course, China has over four times the population as the US... you can do the math. Keep in mind that vast parts of the country are agricultural areas with very primitive infrastructure.