Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One More Electric Transit Mode

The electric trolley canal boat. What?


Andrew said...

Subs were called "electric boats" too.

Justin said...

Actually subs ARE called "boats" by submariners.

Gotta love the innovation back in the day!

Andrew said...

You're right Justin, I was thinking about the "Electric Boat Comapany" that builds subs.

Bob Davis said...

For many years, a limestone mine near Riverside CA had a small fleet of large dump trucks powered by dual overhead wire (i.e. trolley coach technology). The trucks were powered by traction motors similar to those in diesel locomotives. When the mine switched to conveyor belts, the trucks were scrapped, but the rectifier substation went to Orange Empire Ry. Museum where (after several upgrades) it powers streetcars, interurbans and electric locomotives.
Regarding watercraft: an "old salt" told me that no matter how big a ferry or a submarine is, it's still a "boat".