Friday, December 4, 2009

Thursday Night Notes

Should companies buy naming rights to stations in order to help pay for them?
America's greenest Mayor moving on.
Should Mayor's act more like CEO's and push their city's "brand"?


AJ said...

"Greenest mayor"? Sam Adams has you beat, buddy.

And if he sticks with his bike, McGinn will, too.

joshuadf said...

The Seattle Streetcar has sponsored stops, you can see them on the map:
Here's a decent shot of one of the shelters:
The automated stop announcements also say the name of the sponsor. Some like the Fred Hutch Station are actually helpful in knowing where you are.

Unfortunately three of the stops have been unable to find sponsors. Boo to for not sponsoring the Thomas/Mercer stop while their new headquarters is being built.

clever-title said...

I'd rather see transit stations named after sponsoring companies than politicians (Lautenberg Station in NJ, the coming Moynihan Station in NYC)

phil said...

"Greenest mayor"

Are you referring to the color he turned when the votes were counted?