Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Siemens S70 LRV Debut in Salt Lake

We discussed these bad boys when the order was put in back in 2008. The thing I find interesting about this version of the S70 is that they are snout nosed and less archy on the ends than the new Portland and San Diego vehicles. This apparently was so that they could continue to run four car trains.

Here's a photo of Portland's new LRVs (with some older)

via Thomas Le Ngo on Flickr

Then the new Salt Lake City version

via Transit in Utah

I think I actually like them better. If anyone in Utah gets some photos shoot em over and we'll post them.


Gordon Werner said...

The ends on Utah's S-70s are like those in Charlotte and San Diego ... Portland's ugly version are like Houston.

The real sexy S-70 though was just launched by SNCF for their Tram-Train service

John said...

I like the curve on the Portland ones.