Friday, June 18, 2010

Trax Siemens Debut

Ok so two posts on this is a bit much but I wanted to compare the Charlotte and Utah vehicles side by side. These are for you Gordon. It looks as if the UTA vehicles are even shorter than the Charlotte LRVs and much shorter than the Houston LRVs which are all the same series. I had read before that this was done to accommodate four car trains.

Utah Transit Authority

Courtesy of UTA

Charlotte CATS

Via Willamore Media Creative Commons on Flickr.

Houston Metro

Via Word Junky Creative Commons on Flickr.

Bonus video footage from today's car unveiling and wow is it going out into the boonies. Better do it right.


Gordon Werner said...

The Utah S70s are the same length as the San Diego S70s which is to say they are shorter. This was to enable San Diego to operate 3-unit trains without having to extend platforms

Specifically (length over coupler)
San Diego 90.7ft.
Salt Lake City unknown (most likely the same overall length as San Diego with less cab more occupancy)
Charlotte 93.6ft
Norfolk 93.6ft
Portland 96.4ft
Houston 96.4ft

SNCF not sure of the length but at 5-segments they are at least 2 San Diego/Salt Lake City cars in length.


Portland's are single-ended so they must be run in pairs back-to-back

Bob R. said...

By coincidence, there was a bit of trouble with an S70 (MAX "Type IV") train in Portland earlier today:


Full Article:

Phil said...

But But I thought there had to be density for these things to be worth building. Grins

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Funny Phil. :) But at that point in the line there will be Density. Take a look at the plans for Daybreak.

linda said...

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Jon said...

you sure thats not an interurban? :) wow talk about boonies.