Thursday, June 9, 2016

Podcast: Cincinnati's Incomplete Subway

This week we're chatting with Jake Mecklenborg about his book Cincinnati's Incomplete Subway. It's a good one so check it out.

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Let Me Talk said...

Ride sharing economy teaches us a lesson about how to best use technology to enhance the economy. UBER & LYFT are getting taking advantage of the fact that regulations were behind the tech advancements of the decade. While long distance transportation to and from our cities is a income generator for some cities, some other still struggle to capitalize on long distance movers.

Instead of focusing on the past, shouldn’t we look into how to use technology to improve things? It looks to me that whether we embrace it or not, technology will drive our future. Take the taxi drivers who denigrated UBER and lyft for example. Now their medallion has devalued because of mainstream usage of GPS, smart phone, and some software.