Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Possible Capital Funding Sources #2

Garage Tax - What if we had a garage Tax? Every garage has to pay an annual fee to operate transit. I got the idea when i heard about a roof tax in England of 10,000 English Pounds per house in a transit oriented neighborhood. Well why can't we have a garage tax that makes people pay to have a garage on their house.

However thinking about it maybe now we should have a parking space tax. For every lane mile of highway that the road warriors propose for moving people by car, they are also promoting sprawl because all of those cars end up somewhere. That somewhere is a space in a parking lot at work. So for every employer who has a parking lot, perhaps they should have to pay some sort of tax for creating the need for more freeways in the form of a transit tax. Just an idea. There has to be some sort of linkage there somewhere, so lets do it.

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