Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Automobile is Like a Candy Bar

Reposted from my previous blog.

I keep thinking about how the Automobile is driving america mad. It seems to me like it's the epitome of personal choice and Conservatism vs. Liberalism or Progressivism or whatever you want to call either of the two. But to me American is to Car like Kid is to Candy Bar. How does that work out you ask? Well when we are younger we are taught the food pyrimid. And we are also taught about the food groups of which you have to have portions of each to make up a balanced meal. Well in order to have a balanced city we have to have all the transportation types and like food groups, too much of one thing could be bad. Enter the car. We have so much car that eventually cities are going to have heart attacks. The congestion will be so great and there will be little people can do to fix it. Thats why we need to go on a diet now. I don't really believe in diets, mostly cause i ran in college and know that most people are really lazy and i'll admit i'm an elitist in that respect. But in order to get fit you need to change lifestyle, not just not eat for a few days then binge. But everyone knows that to lose weight you have to take in less calories than you expend during the day. That means excercise and for cities, they have to stop building roads and work out a little. Build up the infrastructure like you would your body. Too many roads is akin to getting fat and not putting in the transit infrastructure is like saying your going to the gym but you're not. They are just wasting your time while you watch TV. I guess traffic is like TV. Staring into space wasting money and brain cells. Don't get me wrong though, i love TV and I love sugar based candy bars. And when I was little I surely thought that life would be grand if i could have them for every meal. But a few Halloween's later we all learn that too much candy can lead to bad bad things. O'Toole, Cox and road only folks are basically telling everyone to get on Atkins. Sure you can eat bacon for every meal but you're heart might explode in the process. Buses, Trains, Bikes, Walking, Cars...they are all part of a healthy city.

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