Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Billion Dollar Peachtree

An article in today's Atlanta Journal Constitution talks about plans for a Peachtree Streetcar and a total streetscape overhaul. They even figured out how to pay for it. The breakout is below


A group of business and civic leaders is fine-tuning a $1 billion recommendation to transform the Peachtree corridor, including a streetcar line and other improvements.

How would the money be spent?
Streetcar lines: $450 million
Land / right of way: $160 million
Streetcapes: $100 million
Burying utility lines: $75 million
Parks / green space: $70 million
Road improvements: $70 million

Where would the money come from?
Special tax district: $450-$650 million
Southside tax allocation district: $100-$150 million
Federal grants: $100-$150 million
Parking tax: $50 million
City of Atlanta: $25 million-$50 million
Private donations: $15 million-$20 million

That's a lot of cash. More info on the project can be found at

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