Sunday, March 11, 2007

Simple Answers to Overly Simplistic Questions

Most light rail detractors grumble and make the same comments as a man in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Here are the answers to his questions about the so called money pit of Central Avenue.


Light rail between Minneapolis and St. Paul will be an eternal money pit subsidized by the taxpayers of Minnesota and a waste of federal taxpayer dollars.

It will not reduce congestion on I-94. OW - Nothing will reduce congestion. Build a freeway and it produces sprawl which feeds more congestion.

It will lose money every year like the Hiawatha Line. OW - You lose about $10,000 a year driving a car, you have to pay to operate it don't you? And someone has to pay to build and fix roads and parking lots right?

It will replace current bus service that already uses University Avenue. OW - And will probably lower the operating costs per passenger of that line like Portland has, allowing more money to be put into bus service.

It will narrow, congest and eliminate lanes of traffic on University Avenue. OW - This is a straw man. It will increase the overall capacity of the road.

etc etc etc...

same as usual...

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