Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Border Towns Looking at Light Rail

I was interested to see this article this morning discussing a possible light rail line in the Valley. The Valley is what Texans call the Rio Grande Valley just across the border from Mexico. Now I don't doubt that it will turn into a BRT bonanza after the consultants come in due to cost effectiveness criteria, but hopefully that will change.


Obic Malaprop said...

what's amazing is that the article says the counties would *not* need voter approval... wow

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

I think it says that creating the entity wouldn't need a vote... "The new governmental entity would not need voter approval to be created; however, any financing plan that would involve the use of local property taxes would require the approval of the majority of voters in a county-wide election." I'm pretty sure that Texas Legislature wouldn't let them get away without a vote. If they did i'm sure folks in Austin would be mighty angry.