Sunday, May 20, 2007

Two Coasts and No Car

Today was the most amazing day of transit and flight ever. Here is a review, wake up at 4:30 am ET and walk to Suburban station in Philadelphia. Take the R1 commuter train (electric of course) to the Airport. I hop on an airplane and fly to Atlanta then San Francisco. Since I wanted to be back in time for my friend's graduation, i needed to be in Berkeley by 2:00 and my plane was to land at 12. In between, i needed to go home and drop my stuff, eat, and get to the other side of the bay. So I had to choose between my car and BART. I chose BART. I rode BART to 24th and mission and walked the half mile to my place. After taking a shower I ran out the door and back to the BART station. As I got to the station the Dublin-Pleasanton train was pulling in. I took it to the Lake Merrit station and transferred to the Richmond train that came 3 minutes later. I got to Berkeley at 1:45 and got to the Greek Theater at the top of the hill for the graduation 5 minutes before 2pm and about 12 hours after I woke up. What is most amazing about this is that i didn't need a car. Because of the amazing mobility options in the city in which i live and which i visited. If we are to become a country that is mobile, there need to be transportation systems that even on a Sunday schedule will allow us to get where we want to go. In order to get there in most places things need to change. Obviously.

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