Saturday, July 28, 2007

World's Scariest Train Wrecks

Just Watch. Quite Ridiculous. But Funny.

Thanks Andrew for the Link.


Anonymous said...

I'm reticent to post this, because a certain subculture of anti-rail types would forever disregard anything I have to say about transit because I once owned a train set as a child, but here goes...

When I was in kindergarten (the mid '70's if you must know), my father constructed a rather elaborate 4'x8' HO train set for me as a Christmas present. (Arguably, it was for him as well.)

Somehow, one of the teachers saw it or got wind of it, and asked if it could be brought in to the kindergarten for "show and tell".

We brought it in and set it up the night before, and the next morning I arrived at school to discover that the main locomotive had been destroyed.

The teacher was in the process of instituting a strict "no talking" / nap time until the offending pupil would admit to destroying the train, when the principal called _me_ to the office.

Upon entering his office, he immediately apologized for ruining my train. He had seen it early in the morning and could not resist trying it, and ran the train too fast and it missed the curve and left the table. (Even as a child, I knew better than to run the trains that fast.)

I never had a problem with that principal at that school. (Unfortunately, he was replaced 1 or 2 years later!)

- Bob R.

(Disclaimer: I no longer own a train set, although I supposed one could be constructed of the Legos stored in the basement, so I am therefore qualified to make statements regarding rail transit.)

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Since my dad and I have Lionel trains, does that mean i can't comment anymore? :)