Monday, August 20, 2007

Honeymoon & The Angry Monkey

Aaron Donovan over at Streetsblog decided to take his honeymoon with less carbon. A great story about traveling without a car ensued.

My wife and I were married last month in Brooklyn. For our honeymoon, we wanted to see as many great American cities as we could. In 19 days of travel, we visited Chicago, Seattle, Portland (Ore.), San Francisco, Los Angeles and New Orleans (and also stopped briefly in Cleveland, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Houston, Atlanta, Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia).

How could two people as obsessed as we are with minimizing our transportation carbon footprints possibly justify taking so many flights for leisure travel? We didn't take any flights. We also didn't rent any cars or even set foot in a single taxi. We learned that thanks to the magic of transit-oriented hotel development (often inadvertent), it is entirely possible to travel this great country from sea to shining sea without any of those carbon-belching modes of travel -- and still have a fantastic time.

On another news note today, a man and his monkey were angered when a MARTA bus ruined their day.

Here’s a reason an Atlanta-area monkey owner doesn’t like the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority and it has to do with damage to his Porsche.A DeKalb County man says a MARTA bus caused damage to his car but MARTA refuses to accept blame. He was on I-20 earlier this month when he says his car was hit by flying rubber from a MARTA bus tire.Marketing man Bobby Manheim and his sidekick, a monkey named Dr. Irving, spend a lot of time on the road."If I wasn't in a car like I was I probably would've flipped just trying to avoid the chunks of rubber. Some of them were the size of baseballs," said Manheim.Manheim said while driving on the interstate August 1, a MARTA bus blew a tire spewing rubber all over his red Porsche.
There is video with the news article. I suggest taking a look only if you have free time.

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