Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An Inconvenient Acronym

There were a few notes on the internets about the South Lake Union Streetcar. Apparently it was almost called the South Lake Union Trolley. You can put the letters together. Diamajin thinks it will boost popularity. I can see that, especially from kids who think its kinda funny. Some are worried that the neighborhood is losing the SLU moniker. Well with an acronym like this, it will never go away.


Anonymous said...

It's funny and all (I wouldn't mind owning the T-shirt), but it's not really a trolley. I blame San Diego for this.

- Bob R.

Nickin206 said...

I work in South Lake Union, I didn't hear about it until the news broke yesterday. Apparently you can own the T shirt from Kapow coffee shop for an affordable $10. Mayor Nikels stated last night on the news, "I don't care what they call it as long as they get on it". Couldn't have said it better! I totally agree. It looks pretty sleek and nice! I can't wait. The one that arrived yesterday was Red, the next ones are going to be Orange and either Purple or Green. Whatever they may be it will be exciting to ride the Streetcar. I agree the funny name will attract more people though!

Scott said...

I've read dozens of articles on this on the web, and heard people talking about it on the radio. Most of them got the story wrong.

The transit agency NEVER officially adopted or even proposed the name S.L.U.T. It was ALWAYS the South Lake Union Streetcar.

South Lake Union Trolley was a nickname that came from the public, probably from the guys selling the t-shirts, but who knows really who thought of it.

Once again, the media will pick up a story if it's funny and conforms to previously established stereotypes (oh, those bumbling, stupid bureaucrats!), the truth be damned.

You might think it doesn't matter, it's just a silly little story, but to me it shows once again that the media, in general, should not be trusted. Question everything you read, including this.