Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Transit Advocate Resource

Ok, I've started a new blog, City Transit Advocates. I'm not going to abandon this one but this is an addition that hopefully will be useful to everyone. Basically what I did is took the transit advocate blogs in my blogroll and aggregated their RSS feeds. There are 20 titles and one blog can only have two posts. This makes sure that blogs which post more often don't hog all the space.

Also, if anyone has any additions or knows of a good transit advocate blog to add to the aggregation that isn't there let me know. theoverheadwire at gmail dot com. There is a list of all the blogs in the aggregator at the right of the page.

I hope this is a positive addition to the transit blogosphere and allows people to get a look at what is happening in different cities.


Eric said...

Great idea, thanks for a nice resource.

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Thanks Eric. Let me know if there are any sites i'm missing as i'm sure there are a lot.

Mike said...

A problem: What about bloggers like me, who throw in non-transit stuff from time to time? (Austin politics, sports, even personal stuff?)

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Well it's pretty easy to sort through that stuff if it doesn't have an interesting title. The transit blogs aren't like the political blogs in that its all they focus on. Some blogs like Richard Laymans have a lot of urbanism stuff in them too. Should I put that in? I'm not sure but at least the topics are mostly transit related and people can sort through based on the titles. It's a start.

If you don't want to have personal stuff you could create a separate RSS feed for things that you tag as transport or transit as well. If you want me to take it off the roll let me know.