Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Which Way Does It Work?

Folks in Salt Lake City that live along 600 West are upset about a possible route alignment that will run by their houses. But JMD over at Transit in Utah is saying that its an important connection between the hotel/motel corridor and the airport.

But wait, it gets better. There are complaints that UTA is bowing to a developer to swing the route away from a popular mall but really it looks like it might be the best way to go in order to connect the intermodal center that will connect the commuter rail line with the Airport and downtown and the mall. From the Google map it looks like there is a lot more opportunity for redevelopment along 600 as well. But see for yourself below. The Yellow line is commuter rail, the blue is the route folks are upset about and the red is the alternate route. The red box is the mall and the blue box is the basketball arena. Personally it looks like a no brainer.


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