Sunday, October 14, 2007

Charlotte Sans Train

I went out on Friday and took some pictures along Charlotte's light rail line. In the neighborhoods along the line, there are many signs in windows displaying "Vote no" on the repeal of the transit tax.







I was however annoyed with the waste of space for the electric substation, basically taking up a prime parcel of property close to the tracks for one use that could have been integrated into a larger development. They might be able to salvage it, but it seems unlikely that they will try. The substation is the brick box in the center of the property below(cut off a bit by blogger). Notice how the other development builds to the line.



Adron said...

I can't believe people there are attempting to vote not on the sales tax even though they haven't even seen it run. I hope that it doesn't get voted out, because I won't visit the city again (even though it is a beautiful city) unless they get the light rail running.

Got my fingers crossed for em'. :)

btw - What brought you to Charlotte?

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

It's kind of confusing as well. Because No means yes you want to keep it and yes means no you don't want it. They should just ask. Do you want the sales tax yes or no.

I was there for a streetcar workshop actually. There have been three so far and one tba in the midwest somewhere. Were you at the Portland workshop Adron?

Dave said...

Further how crazy would it be to build out the system and then not fund it...

As a side note, that train was sooo quiet, we spoke to some of the CATS drivers who were testing it and they were concerned people might not hear it coming!