Saturday, October 27, 2007

France's Conservative President on Expansion of Transit

What is wrong with conservatives in the United States? Even French President Sarkozy is getting in on the transit revolution calling for a reduction in transport emissions and . When are the ostriches in this country going to get their heads out of the sand?

Outlining the measures, Sarkozy said he was in favor of a moratorium on all new highways and airports as well as shifting trucks off highways and onto railroads. Road transport accounts for a quarter of French emissions.

Earlier, Jean-Louis Borloo also announced a freeze on the building of new roads and airports while consumers will be steered away from gas-guzzling cars through bonuses and penalties. Sarkozy also wants to extend France's tram and high-speed TGV train network.


kenf said...

The average French conservative is somewhat to the left of most U.S. so-called liberals.

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Obviously. haha Some on the left here don't even want to change things.

Richard Kulisz said...

In political science and everywhere on the planet except the most brainwashed nation in the history of humanity (ie, Crazyland), the term "left-wing" refers strictly to:

- communists
- socialists

the term right-wing includes

- fascists
- conservatives
- liberals

and the term centrist refers to

- social democrats
- democrats

Canada has 2 centrist parties (New Democratic Party and Bloc Quebecois), 1 moderate right-wing party (Liberals) and 1 extreme-right party that USED TO BE moderate (Conservatives, formerly Progressive Conservatives).

England has 2 right-wing parties (Conservatives and Labour), and 1 democratic party (Liberal Democrats).

The USA has one fascist party (Republicans) and one extreme right-wing party (Democrats). AFter all, this is the country where "liberal" is used as a term of abuse whose connotiations mean "nigger-fucking sluts and fag" and which straightfowardly says "insufficiently fascist".

Liberal has not, is not, and never will mean "left". Not without several millenia of language evolution anyways.

Face it, your entire language, American, has been carefully constructed to make thought-crimes more difficult.