Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Streetcars & Philanthropists

Michael Cudahy, a Milwaukie philanthropist, is sick of the leadership there not getting along on transit issues. So what does he do? He proposes his own streetcar line and suggests that developers pay for parts of it. If only developers paid for all of them, then we'd be in business.


Dave said...

Michael Cudahy has his heart in the right place, it would just be more helpful if he supported the Mayors plan. Further we need to vote our County Executive, Scott Walker, out of office as he is on record as saying that he will not vote for anything that includes any sort of rail.

Mike said...

Developers SHOULD be paying for all of them, if they're nothing better than stuck-in-traffic standard streetcar. There's no benefit to anything except property owners for that type of transit.

Dave said...

Specifically to the Milwaukee project the region has had 91+ million dollars of federal funding sitting waiting for a project for like 15 years. And so if the County Executive could get on board things would get started. It is not just the streetcar project, there is also a heavy rail project to the burbs that he won't sign up for either.