Sunday, November 18, 2007

RSS Feeds and Information Sharing

Much of the information I use for this blog comes from Google Alerts or RSS feeds. However there are a number of sites that still don't have feeds. In order to give some encouragement to these folks, I'd like to list them in no particular order to introduce people but also in hopes that they'll slide into the information age.

Update: There is an RSS Feed here for Progressive Railroading.
Update 2: Railway Technology has a feed here.

Progressive Railroading - News compilation organization.
Railway Age - More railroads than transit but it would be nice to get feeds on articles that are in the most recent edition
Light Rail Now! - I know a lot of folks get info from Lyndon and Dave. I've pestered them about feeds a few times as have others.
APTA Heritage Trolley - Updates news about streetcars and heritage streetcars around the country.
CFTE - Election central for transit ballot measures
Citizens for Modern Transit St. Louis - Tom Shrout and Co are doing a great job in STL.
CfPT Atlanta - Folks doing good work in Atlanta
FTA - A feed needed please
Journal of Transport and Land Use - Not publishing yet, but when they do...
LRTA - International Light Rail News
Railway Technology - Updates from around the world.

And many more. If anyone wants to send any of these folks in email asking them nicely to get an rss feed that would be awesome. I've already emailed a few with mixed results. Also, if anyone has any other sites to add let me know.


kenf said...

Just curious, what are the sites you get rss feeds from?

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Mostly the ones in the City Transit Advocates page. There are a few others like Richard's site that i get in my google feed reader. I think I have about 40 of them...