Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Sad Day in the Running Community

I'm sorry to report that US Marathoner Ryan Shay has died. My heart and thoughts go out to Ryan Shay's family. As many of you know before I got into this whole crazy transit thing I was a runner. And many of the folks I raced against are now running towards the ultimate glory of the Olympics. However sometimes sad things happen. It's unfortunate that such a young fit athlete could be struck with a heart attack, but for those who knew Ryan or watched him race, he pushed himself to the limit. I remember sitting in the bleachers watching him run away from the 10,000 field at NCAA's in 2001. No one was ever going to catch him that day as he was on fire, pounding away on the track towards his championship. It is a sad day in the running community and he will be missed.

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