Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cost Rocket

The Denver Transit Stop discusses how expensive roads are going to be to us in a few years.
Focusing just on CDOT, Governor Ritter's Blue Ribbon panel for Transportation Finance and Implementation found that there is a $51 Billion gap just in sustaining the infrastructure we already have. By 2030 that gap is expected to be $104 Billion. What does that mean exactly? According to CDOT, by 2016 if you spend an hour on the highway, about 40 min of it will be on rough pavement (currently it's 20 minutes).
But then again it will cost a lot for transit as well. Krugman jumped on the transit talk express, so Robert Reich joined up.
Even though it’s a hundred times more efficient for each of us to stop driving and use trains and buses, there’s not enough money in the public kitty for us to do so.
So are we gonna keep funding what helps people spend more money, or save it?

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