Monday, June 2, 2008

Full Subway Car? Don't Mess with the Ladies

Today is PSA day. This one comes from Ben at Second Avenue Sagas:
Crowded subway cars often create bad situations for women, and the vast majority of men know little or nothing about it. Ask your female friends, however, and more than one of them are bound to have stories to tell about fellow straphangers getting a little too close, a little too frisky and a little too touchy-feely during rush hour. It is a sad reality of life in the subways.
Not cool. Recently on BART its been getting crowded and it does get uncomfortable, I imagine more so for females. Personally I try and make myself take up as little space as possible, taking my bag off so I don't touch people. But it can be a bit hard to do if its a sardine tin day.

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