Saturday, June 21, 2008

Let Your Elders Sit

A few months ago we linked to Trimettiquet. Tri-Met asked them to stop using their logo, so if someone wants to help them out designing a new one give them a shout. Seems like this transit etiquette thing is taking off and its no different in San Francisco. I've had to make kids get up for elders before. I'm sure I'm not their favorite people now but they should know better. There's a new local resource called Muni Manners as well. I'm often annoyed at those kids that don't get up for elders/pregnant women/folks with disabilities on a full train, I think its great they are doing this and discussing the whole host of things that are polite on transit.


kenf said...

In Washington DC, most adults think nothing of sitting in the handicapped/senior seats and make no attempt to give them up when one of the seats rightful users show up. These people are not kids. They are mid level government bureaucrats, lawyers, etc. Of course, many of the people in DC have an attitude of "everything is about ME!"

Christian from TriMetiquette said...

Hey thanks for the shout! Yeah, do need a new logo... need to make one I guess, not good at photoshop.