Sunday, June 1, 2008

Muni LRT to be Powered by the Sun

Calgary powers its light rail with wind, Seattle with hydro and Muni which was partial hydro, will now be Solar. So much for those coal fired power plant arguments against light rail and future energy.
The photovoltaic systems at the two facilities and the solar energy they generate will be developed and operated under a "Power Purchase Agreement" between the SFPUC and Recurrent Energy. Under the agreement, which the SFPUC members authorized SFPUC staff to negotiate today, Recurrent will finance, design, build and operate the solar energy projects and provide all the energy generated to the SFPUC for a period of 25 years. The five megawatts generated between the two facilities will be used to help power other San Francisco public services and buildings, including streetlights, San Francisco General Hospital, Muni light rail and city schools.

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Bruce Clendening said...

I lived in Calgary in the early '80s and heard much of the debate.Those against the C-Train system seemed to think we (the public) were stupid. Their arguments essentially rested on saying over and over again that "nobody" would ride the trains and the power supply would "never" be changed. So now the ridership is almost 280,000 per day and the electricity has come from wind power for more than eight years. Hope to see more expansion in the coming years, even beyond the West Line now being built.