Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gas Tax Holiday Talk Dead

Good. This was the dumbest idea ever! First the highway trust fund which funds transportation and transit projects is going into the red this year anyways. Second the transit fund could hold out for the next year but the administration proposed channeling money to the highway fund which would bankrupt the transit fund. A gas tax holiday would mean a lot less money from the highway fund which would almost guaranty the transit fund's death. Dumb idea proposed by people who aren't looking for solution but political expediency. I'm sure it thrilled Mary "Bikes Aren't Transportation" Peters to no end.


Cap'n Transit said...

Of course, in the dopey MSNBC poll, 75% of those voting preferred to "find federal money for roads from bloated programs instead." I'm sure the feds will get right on that.

Loren said...

The trouble is that the largest amounts of Federal money got to stuff that would be difficult to cut, like:

* Social Security, Medicare, and the like

* National-debt payments to Treasury-bill holders (the national credit card)

* Military stuff