Monday, August 11, 2008

Inventor of Hotmail Wants to Sim City, Use BRT

I hope he leaves some lanes open for subways and overhead wires.
But his latest project is one that comes from the heart: He is trying to develop an Indian version of Silicon Valley, a sustainable city spread over 11,000 acres in northern India that he envisions will be home to 1 million residents employed largely by world-class universities and A-list companies that act as the country's idea generators. He calls it Nano City. One problem: Until recently, Bhatia knew nothing about developing cities.
Knowing nothing doesn't really matter so much when you have experts that can help. You guys know I'm biased, BRT wouldn't cut it in my city.

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Cap'n Transit said...

Geez, if you're building a city from scratch, dig some tunnels for a subway! I bet the Gmail developers wouldn't be so boneheaded.