Monday, September 8, 2008

California HSR Could Go Green

If it passes. I'm fairly optimistic that people will see through the bs that a lot of the opposition is peddling but there are some that are already being pushed by their right side. Apparently the California Chamber is coming out against the bond measure. I never thought it was out of the realm of possibility that the line could be run completely green, but its good to see on paper.
A leading energy specialist has reported to the California High-Speed Rail Authority that the state's proposed high-speed train system can run with zero greenhouse gas emissions. The zero emissions strategy report was presented by Navigant Consulting Inc, a leading consultant on the energy, electric power and natural gas industries at the Authority's most recent board meeting held in San Diego. At the meeting, the Board adopted a renewable energy/zero emissions strategy for the high-speed train project.


Adam P said...

When I took the Eurostar this summer I learned that their operations are entirely carbon neutral. It just depends on where you get your electricity.

arcady said...

And Eurostar, I bet, gets their electricity from France's numerous nuclear plants. Unfortunately, that probably won't be an option in california.