Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things I Like To Hear

What Joe Biden says:
In the next car, Biden told another passenger that “If we get elected, it will be the most train-friendly administration ever.”
Actions are always better than words, but this is the right direction.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, sounds great. Considering that I'm not aware of a previous administration I'd call "train friendly", I'm not sure it's a high bar they're attempting to o'er leap.

kenf said...

Just remember, Biden commutes via AMTRAK, and Obama lives in a transit oriented neighborhood, a few blocks from a commuter rail station.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know. I want to be optimistic. And I know the reason they don't talk about it in the campaign is that they're afraid people will think the Democrats are trying to take their cars away.

It's a big step forward. I'm just pessimistic because we're so far behind. That said, this is one of the key reasons I'm voting for Obama/Biden.

Loren said...

Currently, public transit and transit-oriented development has largely escaped the attention of right-wing culture warriors, but a few of them have noticed from time to time, so we can tell what they are likely to say.

They'd say that public transit and transit-oriented development are about dragging people out of their houses and cars and stuffing them into apartment buildings and buses and trains against their will.

In fact, one right-winger stated some months back that even if there were subway-train stations right next to his home and workplace, he'd still drive to work.

That hotels and airliners have a similar sardine-can quality does not seem to bother them.

And they'd also whine about how much tax money goes to support such supposedly marginal transport systems.

Cap'n Transit said...

As I wrote on Streetsblog, the Lincoln administration is a tough act to follow.