Monday, September 29, 2008

Wenceslas Makeover

Trams cross the square where the Velvet revolution took place but they might soon run through it. Thought there are detractors, it would be interesting to see what happens.
Mr Pečený’s view is shared by the man currently redesigning Wenceslas Square, Jakub Cígler. The Prague-based architect says that reintroducing trams would transform the ‘dead-end space’ into a ‘living thoroughfare’. Indeed, streetcars did historically wend their way up and down the boulevard, until as recently as the 1980s.
I didn't get a picture when I was there, but here's one to set the scene.

Flickr by TJFLEX2

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Matt Fisher said...

If they're going to reintroduce trams on Wenceslas Square, it'll be interesting to see. Two metro stations are each located at each end of the linear "square".

Oh, and last Saturday, October 4th, a new 1 km extension of a tram line opened to a metro station in the southwest. By the way, that same area did have trams until the 1980s as well.