Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Earl of Transit

The push for an infrastructure stimulus is ramping up and Congressman Earl Blumenauer of Portland is taking the lead.
After years of defeats and futility, Blumenauer is convinced the odds are increasing that Congress could approve this investing as much as $50 billion to improve infrastructure with more next year if Obama is elected.
I'm sure we'll see more discussion of this as we get closer to and after election day. Depending on who gets elected, it could break either way. I've already seen a number of opposition blogs and talkers posting an earlier post from the DOT's economist that was posted to Ma Peters blog. That post has also been discussed by Ryan as well. I remember when people were saying Gore and Bush were the same. Even though they were different, no one would make such a statement today with the current candidates and on issues like this.


Jon said...

PBS has been discussing the need for investment in national infrastructure all week. I think this issue is beginning to get the attention it needs. Apparently Wednesday's PBS News Hour will be about infrastructure in relation to urban sprawl.

On the topic of politics and transit, gotta check out the now-famed Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann who was just attacking Obama as un-American... turns out she has been against rail transit in MN and her opponent is a long time supporter touting light rail in his ads. meanwhile her comments have now risked her reelection.

Matt Fisher said...

I know. Bachmann is a longtime opponent of light rail and a champion of highways (and PRT). She was first heard of by me when I knew about what she supported, and is a choice candidate of the kooky James Dobson.