Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Liberal Light Rail Agenda

I really wish they would cut this out. So what if we want a different lifestyle?


Anonymous said...

Aren't Cox & O'Toole liberals?

Justin said...

Michele Bachmann is a nutjob. In her worldview, taking transit is anti-American!

Anonymous said...

anonymous, no, they are libertarians. Which are like liberals, only selfish and wrong.

Jon said...

Cox and O'Toole are libertarians except when it comes to automobiles and sprawl.

As if the smears from the Republicans hadnt gotten low enough this election season, the whole Pro-American and Anti-American thing has taken it to a whole new level.

And if McCain wants to cut rail service, he can start by cutting the "Straight Talk" Express.

Matt Fisher said...

Yeah. I can see it now - somehow you can expect to see Bill O'Reilly say it's an evil "far left plot" supposedly orchestrated by George Soros, Sean Hannity say that supporters of light rail are hypocrites for purportedly driving Hummers, or Rush Limbaugh say it's all part of the "environmentalist wacko" agenda.

In any case, I know Hannity does ridicule Al Gore for supposedly being a global warming hypocrite by flying in private jets. This is a hackneyed argument. Hannity does not believe in global warming.

And Jon, you're right. I do associate Cox and O'Toole with libertarianism.