Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Metropolitan Candidate

So says Alec MacGillis in the Washington Post.
But dominating Obama's platform are ideas geared more toward the metropolis as a whole: a big investment in infrastructure, including mass transit and inter-city rail, that he now also bills as a jobs measure; a network of public-private business incubators; new green-technology industries; a White House office of urban policy that will goad governments within metro areas into working together.


Matthew said...

Yeah. I read that one off of RealClear. This idea of 'metro' vs. 'urban' actually is quite interesting, and makes a whole lot of sense, especially for transit.

All the successful transit systems I know of take in the metro area, too. Paris, London, New York, Munich, etc...

Anonymous said...

This election is a metro sexual vs petro sexual & auto sexual battle.