Sunday, October 12, 2008

Traffic Costs Transit

This article in WTOP is a little old but it discusses the importance of clearing paths for public transit and people. While a lot of people will say that congestion just means we should build more roads, places like downtowns just can't add roads, so you need to add capacity. If we don't wake up and realize this, the cost will be huge.
The Metro transit agency adds an average of 10 buses a year just to maintain the same rush-hour service. Fairfax County public schools adds 20 to 30 buses a year - even when enrollment is flat - because of increased travel times. Officials say routes that used to take 30 minutes now take 50 minutes.

The additional vehicles on the road only make congestion and pollution worse. They also cost businesses and taxpayers money. "This is the perfect illustration of the cost of congestion," said Ronald F. Kirby, transportation director for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. "And those costs are passed on to customers and taxpayers."

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Cap'n Transit said...

Interestingly, that WTOP article is an edited version of this Washington Post article. And look what they left out!

'But some argue that adding more vehicles to the roadways to combat congestion is precisely the wrong move.

'Metro Board Chairman Christopher Zimmerman said the key to clearing the roads for commerce is encouraging people driving alone in cars to take buses or trains.

'"The answer is decent public transit," said Zimmerman (D), who also is a member of the Arlington County Board.'