Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Night Linkfest

Siemens will hire 200 workers in Sacramento to build light rail cars.
Strip malls offer an opportunity to change our development paradigm. The Oregonian:
Strip malls offer a particularly keen opportunity. Look past the big box stores, Nelson said, and you have large, flat, well-drained, developable space linked to existing infrastructure. Broad rights-of-way allow easy access. There is space enough to bring in tracks for light-rail trains or streetcars. They are perfect for much denser, mixed-use developments in which people can live, work, shop and eat, he said.

Ask Barack Obama to focus on smart transportation investments. T4America.

No light rail? Empty commercial space. Denver Post:

New office buildings opening in southeast Denver are leasing well as long as they're next to a light-rail stop. Developer John Madden's Palazzo Verdi, which has direct access to the light-rail line, is 100 percent leased to Ciber and Newmont Mining. The building opens next week.

But Shea Properties' Maroon V, which does not have direct access to light rail, is sitting vacant. The building opened before Shea's Village Center Station, which is under construction along the rail line and is fully leased. Wireless-service provider Cricket and Shea will occupy the building.

Follow the Yellow Brick Railroad for Fort Knox.

The question should be: Do you really want to speed up traffic?

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