Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gotta Have More Cowbell...err Charlotte

After visiting Charlotte for the second time, I'm really impressed with the city's growth and new transit. I've posted a few times on the ridership moving towards its 2025 projections and here is another article about the one year anniversary. But this also has some other interesting stats, the increase in bus route ridership that connects with the light rail lines.

No.24 Nations Ford, which connects to the Arrowood and Woodlawn road stations: 16,111 then, 23,794 last month.

No. 42 Carowinds, from the South Point Business Park near Carowinds to the I-485/South Boulevard stop: 412 then, 3,589 last month.

No. 43 Ballantyne, which travels to the Sharon Road West station: 3,710 then, 8,259 last month.

No. 44 Fort Mill, from Wells Fargo in Fort Mill to the Arrowood stop: 1,471 to 3,615.

No. 58 Pineville, which runs from the I-485 station to Carolina Place Mall: 12,294 to 16,318.

Some of this is from $4 gas I'm sure, but the growth in ridership shows the pull that the light rail line has. Here's my favorite photo from the trip last week. Thursday around mid-day.

Light Rail

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