Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Savannah Streetcar Coming Back

The tracks are there, and a Melbourne heritage car will be there soon.


Anonymous said...

Sorry sir but, what you have is a bus, not a trolley(it's not even an ETB).

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

You didn't read the article did you. Just looking at pictures doesn't count. I know that the same folks that did the Kenosha Streetcar have been working on an old Melbourne Car with super capacitors to run without overhead wires on existing track. Check out this PPT.


Anonymous said...

Previous article:

YouTube videos..

jon said...

savannah is one of those cities that seems like a perfect fit for a heritage streetcar line... afterall its touristy and historic

Anonymous said...

I lived in Savannah, GA for a year and currently live in Portland, OR. At the moment, Savannah does have a 'streetcar' of sorts, but it is actually a bus (pictured in the article). However the article is writing about an actual streetcar.

I think its absurd to think this would somehow upset River St. or piss off drivers. It will be a great tourist attraction (in addition to Savannah's ferry system), not to mention it should relieve the tourist congestion on River St.

Now if only they could figure out a streetcar route around town. That would be even better.

njh said...

See, more W-class trams! I told you they were teh best :)


Anyway, what is people's problem with overhead wires? All the cool places have overhead wires.

Let's look at it another way, Duany claims that people like to have narrow streets because it defines a room which is somehow comforting (see also rabbits with pancakes on their heads). We can take this idea a step further and say that people like the impression of a roof - that's why people like avenues, pergolas, awnings, shade sails, banners from lights etc. I think overhead wires can fulfill this role in cities.

You can of course make the wires more attractive with seasonal decorations.

j said...

I have one problem with this: River street has one track and is one a one way street, in addition there are no other tracks for the trolley to return on without circumnavigating Savannah. Now what?
Perhaps Savannah is thinking of turning River Street into a pedestrian/ trolley mall.

Gary L said...

Savannah first began talking about a streetcar on River Street when the waterfront was rebuilt in 1975. They actually acquired the former Norfolk Southern freight branch trackage in 2001. About that same time they bought Melbourne W-5 car 756 from Gale Creek Enterprises. The car was delivered back to Savannah on Wednesday afternoon Novemeber 19th. It unloaded itself under power off of the trailer onto tracks at the Roundhouse Museum.

Training of motormen will take place next week, with operations on River Street to start around December 10th.

This is to our knowledge the only self powered hybrid streetcar in existence. It is 21st century technology packed in a 62 year old body. It can accelerate as fast as a PCC car and has been set up with a top speed of 28 mph. This is because on River Street it will not be save to travel even that fast. Tests so far have seen it use less than 1.5 gallons per hour.

It is fully ADA compatible with two wheelchair lifts installed in the stairwells.

Anonymous said...

The Savannah River Street Streetcar Line is Better than then Modern and alot Cheaper
to do .

But iam from the Atlanta Area in Georgia .

We have MARTA Which is a Heavy Rail Metro system .

But Atlanta is Apporate for Modern Light Rail System then
a Heritage Streetcar Line Like Savannah ,Georga is a Better for a Heritage Streetcar Line.

But the city of Savannah acquired 3 Vintage Streetcars.
for the River Street Streetcar .

I think that wireless onbaord Bio Diesel Hybrid Generator Streetcar it is the Line in all
North American .

I am also a Railroad /Rail Transit Fan too.

Since they already the W5 Melbourne Streetcar .

But 2 More Vintage Streecars
will be added .

Is have 1 brill double truck streetcar , a