Monday, December 22, 2008

Signs of the Apocolypse

Well kinda. Click and Clack are pretty smart guys, but having the Car Talk guys advocate a 50 cent gas tax has to count for something right?
"I'm sick of people whining about a lousy 50-cent-a-gallon tax on gasoline! I think its time has come, and I call on all non-wussy politicians to stand with me, because our country needs us."


jon said...

its definately good seeing this come from car people

i saw a news video recently in a similar fashion, where a road builder was saying the US needed to invest more in mass transit for this upcoming infrastructure spending.

Bob Davis said...

The 50-cent fuel tax is not a new idea, but coming from auto-oriented people gets one's attention. I remember being pleasantly surprised in 1990, when the Blue Line light rail from Long Beach to LA opened, and the Auto Club (AAA) recommended taking the train to a downtown LA event. This was after years of "no on transit" propaganda coming from Auto Club publications. The LA Times for years had a negative attitude, going all the way back to torpedoing a plan to elevate the Pacific Electric tracks from the San Gabriel Valley and the Long Beach area back in 1925. One rumor had it that the Times received a lot of ad revenue from car dealers and didn't want to help the "competition". Now the Times is all for rail projects. So it looks like a lot of sinners are "getting religion". Hallelujah!