Monday, December 15, 2008

TAR Gets a Bit Feathered

I'm sure many of you are familiar with Thomas A. Rubin or TAR, famed anti-rail consultant and ten page commenter to blogs and listserves. Today he released a study funded by his corporate libertarian overlords that contradicted his findings for a local Milwaukee business group earlier in the year.

A new study by a libertarian think tank claims the projected economic benefits of a proposed Milwaukee-to-Kenosha commuter rail line have been inflated and questions its ridership estimates.

But a business leader noted that the author of the study, Los Angeles-based transit consultant Tom Rubin, took a far more positive view of the $200 million project in June, when pro-transit business leaders were pushing the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Transit Authority to hire him as the authority's consultant. And a regional planner said the commuter rail projections were sound.

Who knew he was going to come back on that earlier decision? Well perhaps everyone who's ever encountered one of his writings. He did state that he felt buses were a better option, such as he usually does as long as it doesn't have its own ROW. The quote of the story:

Pete Beitzel, a vice president of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, suggested Rubin's opinions depended on who was paying him. "The think tank guys got real mad at him when he said it (the KRM line) was a good idea," Beitzel said. "Apparently, they hired him to change his mind."

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Dave Reid said...

On top of that the Milwaukee County Board doesn't seem to be able to fathom an RTA. Hopefully Wisconsin's Governor will move forward with the KRM regardless of the County's inaction.