Sunday, December 21, 2008

We're Waiting...

Christof paints a picture of how things can go wrong in getting projects off the ground fast. It's mostly because of the federal funding structure. Too much uncertainty. Though I was heartened by comments made my Ray LaHood that I missed earlier that could remedy this type of situation in Houston.

At the end of his brief remarks, LaHood made a comment sure to endear him to every mayor and county leader who's complained about unfunded mandates and dictates from D.C.

"It's the local folks who know best their transportation needs," he said.

By local folks I hope he means local planning officials and residents, not people like Tom Delay.

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Richard Layman said...

Local folks, if not using my concepts of regional and metropolitan transit networks, and the transit and mobility sheds, can screw up just as much.

That is a scalar different issue than whether or not various politicos are ideologically against transit.